(n):A yellow herb known for assisting with memory and anxiety, see also St. John's Wort.

(v):To slice through or bypass an obstruction.

(n):A focus-friendly bookmarking app that cuts distractions and improves focus on an increasing user-hostile web.

Take control of your attention
and unlock your focus


Track your tasks

More than a todo list - track regular tasks with a scheduled tasklist that resets daily.


More than bookmarks

Don't just save links - use them. Search and see bookmarks when you need them most.



No algorithms, no ads, no annoyances. Just flow and focus.


Take back your time

Minimise distractions & maximise output.

Focus-friendly Routine Tasks and Scheduling

Say goodbye to distractions and hello to the essentials

At work, immerse yourself in focused tasks; at home, focus on what truly matters.
Streamline your activity by setting daily and weekly tasks to custom schedules.


Create regular routine tasks tailored to your specific
needs and preferences.


Schedule these routine tasks to appear when they are most relevant and actionable.


Never miss essential tasks like "follow up on sales" or "wash the dog"
by syncing them with your availability.

Custom Schedules for Focused Browsing

  • Create personalized schedules to divide your life into managable blocks.
  • Configure Perforate to display work-related links only during designated work hours.
  • Seamlessly switch between different contexts, enhancing your focus and productivity.

Organize with Stacks and Scheduled Visibility

  • Keep your bookmarks meticulously organized with customizable stacks.
  • Schedule stacks to appear or hide during specific times, alignied with your daily routines.
  • Effortlessly manage your content, ensuring you have the right information at the right moment.

Bookmark Cooldowns for Distraction-Free Browsing

  • Set cooldown periods for bookmarks to prevent distractions and information overload.
  • Hide bookmarks for a specified duration, promoting undisturbed workflow.
  • Maintain a clear and clutter-free bookmarking environment for enhanced concentration.

bookmarking and
task management

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